Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling Lab.

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Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling Lab.

@National Central University

Supported by National Science Council


Objective :

To research and develop a hierarchy of the state-of-the-art numerical models to simulate and predict atmospheric environment on the city, regional, and global scales.


On-going Research :

  • Global atmosphere-biosphere modelling

  • Urban/regional scale air pollution modelling

  • Data assimilation that integrate diverse observations with models


Motivation :

  • What is the past and present state of our atmospheric chemical composition?

  • Why there are changes in the atmospheric chemical composition?

  • What are causes for these changes?

  • What are the impacts incurred by the changing atmospheric composition?

  • What will be the state of atmospheric chemical composition in the future?




Highest Education: Ph.D., University of Cambridge

Present Position: Professor (2006--)

Joined NCU Faculty: 2000.8

Research Speciality: Atmospheric Chemistry、Environmental Modelling  



Tel: 886-3-4227151 ext 5553

Fax: 886-3-425-6841



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